Our Guide to Open Calls

This guide is designed for anyone considering applying to a Reset open call.

If you are thinking of to applying to a Reset open call for funding, you are in the right place.

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The purpose of this guide is to provide you with all the information you need to successfully submit an application to Reset and to understand why open calls are important to us. Whether you are planning to submit to one of the funds or fellowships, or you are simply curious about how our program works, this guide is for you. Through the sections found on the left, you'll find guidelines both general (relevant to all our funding mechanisms) and specific open calls.

Inside the guide

This guide is designed to act as a starting point for understanding the goals of our open calls, funding criteria, what we look for in an ideal application, choosing the right funding mechanism, how to best structure your application, the application workflows, and other useful pointers about applying to us. In addition to making things more clear for would-be applicants, we hope that by compiling this information publicly, we’re making good on our commitment to openly share all possible aspects of our work as transparently as possible.

Always changing

This guide is a living document. Much of the information found here is informed by the numerous inquiries sent our way by curious would-be applicants, those who we dismissed, and those we awarded. If you came here with a question and you find your answer, it is thanks to them. In that spirit, we welcome your feedback, thoughts, and opinions on how to make this guide more useful and relevant to your needs. We want your feedback. Feel free to comment directly within the guide as reach out to us in whatever way is best for you.

Acknowledgement & appreciation

Our Open Calls modeled and inspired by the successful Open Technology Fund, Data & Society, Shuttleworth Foundation, Mozilla Foundation, New Media Ventures, Indela, and others committed to open-calls. Thank you all.