Flash grants

Our flash grant program is an experiment very much inspired by and directly modeled from Shuttleworth Foundation's own successful flash grant program. It is one of the ways at Reset we are reimagining philanthropy.

We are currently testing two types of flash grants:

Why are we doing this?

You deserve more

Unfortunately, we are only able to approve a small percentage of applications receive. We do not think it fair that you spent so much time sharing knowledge with us and did not get anything in return. That is one of the reasons why we are committed to sending everyone who is dismissed a good reason why. We actually spend more time writing dismissal messages than approvals because of this.

Openness is power

The harms of surveillance capitalism persist because of a knowledge asymmetry between Big Tech and everyone else. Traditional philanthropy often views intellectual property of those we support in similar competitive ways to recoup investment. Keeping good ideas locked away means they can not be expanded or built upon, money and time invested can be wasted rather than leveraged, or power gained can be consolidated rather than shared.

Sharing power

We believe the knowledge and experience you provide us through your application is more powerful than the money we have. Traditionally, donors only share that power of money with themselves and those they fund. Because you shared your power, your knowledge with us, we want to try reaching further to share our power with you, who applied but we were not able to fund.

Defined by our network

We believe the lasting impact we make will be defined by the individual nodes in our network, each node's agency to expand the network by making new and diverse connections, the positive change for each we are able to support, and then how they positively change us.

Who can participate?

To participate in both, you must:

  • Submit a complete application to one of our open calls;

  • NOT opt-out of sharing application information with other applicants when submitting your application;

  • Be the point of contact for an application we determined was within our remit; and,

  • Be the point of contact for an application no older than 1 year.

To participate in a Referral flash grants, you must additionally:

  • Have been successfully funded by Reset within the past year.

How does it work?

Collaborative flash grants

  1. You apply to one of our open calls.

  2. We complete our review.

  3. Upon meeting the above criteria, your application will be added to a registry of others like you.

  4. You will be given access to that registry for review.

  5. If you see other interesting applications, reach out to their applicant, get to know them, and come up with an exciting idea, we want to know.

  6. Using a special short application form only available to you while listed in the registry, you and up to 5 other applicants can submit a flash grant for our review.

  7. We will complete a review.

  8. If accepted, each participating applicant will be awarded.

Referral flash grants

  1. Any applicant with an approved application is empowered to make a referral. This includes collaborative flash grant awardees.

  2. After being approved, you will be given access to a referral from.

  3. Once you complete the form, we will invite the referral to complete a special short application form.

  4. We do a very light review. It must be within our remit and legal but we do not have to believe in it. In very very very rare cases, we will not approve.

  5. When accepted, the applicant will be awarded. If they shared their application information, they would also be eligible for participating in a collaborative flash grant.


  • You can only do this within the first year of your approval, regardless of how long we fund you.

  • You only get to make two referrals.

  • The referral can not be to directly benefit a effort we are actively supporting you for. It is totally fine if they are working closely in your space.

How much does it give?

Each award is worth $5,000 USD per recipient. -