Reset currently offers one primary Open Call fund - the Reset Our Future Fund.

Reset Out Future Fund

Through the Reset Our Future Fund, Reset strives to uphold and increase society's capacity to understand and address the harms of surveillance capitalism. In doing so, the Reset Our Future Fund supports technology-focused interventions with clear human-centred benefits that advance the public’s ability - as individuals, citizens, consumers, and users - to mitigate and defend against those harms. Through the efforts supported, we seek to increase awareness and reaffirm the internet’s ability to promote people over profits. We ultimately believe better, more virtuous technology-centred interventions are the best way to help reduce current harms and ensure the existence healthier, more democratic societies in the future.
The Reset Our Future Fund is Reset's primary way to support organisations and individuals using technology, research, and education to address the threat surveillance capitalism poses to democracy, human rights, and open societies. Learn more here.