Network Investment Council Onboarding

In this section of the Guide we provide an overview of what it means to be a member of Reset's Network Investment Council.


Thank you for being a part of the Reset Network Investment Council (NIC)! As an NIC member, you are an essential part of our Open Call application review process. We are thrilled to have you working with us and simply could not do what we do without your participation. You are a necessary check on our decision-making process, an augmentation to our collective knowledge, and a trusted liaison within the networks and communities we share. The work you perform truly helps shape Reset.
As an external and independent group of individuals, we depend on you to help ground and reinforce our commitment to openness and non-competitive practices. The information and guidance we receive from outside experts like you continues to raise vital considerations - often for the first time - during our decision-making process. Through the trust you have in your own communities, and the trust you have in Reset, you bring an important anchor of accountability to our shared work. As an ambassador of Reset in those communities, you have the power to introduce Reset - and vice versa - to otherwise unreachable projects, fellows, or new initiatives.
The benefit of your work is felt most significantly by the applicants and those affected by the harms Reset is working to overcome. Time and time again, Open Call applicants tell us about the incredible value they found in your feedback. We hear this both from applicants who were dismissed and those that were successful. And we see similar results with better first-time and new applications from people and places that surprise us. In return, we hope that you also gain valuable insights on emerging solutions to tough and interesting challenges that align with your own interests.
So, once again, thank you!


Throughout this section, the following designations will be used:
Network Investment Council (NIC), reviewers, or review panel Individuals who have agreed to guide, inform, and advance the Reset network through our Open Call determination process. This section of the Guide is primarily for them.
Advisory Council (AC) Individuals who have agreed to broadly guide, inform, and advance the Reset network.
Active member(s) A member of the NIC or AC who is actively meeting participation expectations, such as submitting application reviews.
Emeritus member(s) A member who was once an active reviewer on the NIC or who previously served on the AC, who continues to be associated with and recognised by Reset as being part of our network and community as a Council member (but who is no longer expected to submit reviews or meet other expectations).
Council or Council member(s) A reference to all individuals who have served on the NIC or AC, whether or not they are active reviewers or emeritus.