Reviewer benefits & expectations
These are the benefits and expectations for NIC members.


For all NIC members:
  • Regular progress reports from Reset.
  • Access to the Reset application system with the ability to view any application considered by the NIC.
  • Ability to see the formal determination messages from Reset for any application considered by the NIC.
  • Opportunity to engage Reset team directly on any strategic and operational aspects.
  • Invitation to periodic NIC-only calls.
  • Ability to represent themselves as a part of Reset.
For active members:
  • All of the above.
  • Agency to directly influence the final determination of Reset decisions on Open Call applications sent to the NIC.
  • Ability to submit a review for any application currently under consideration.
  • Opportunity to attend our annual gathering with expenses paid by Reset.
  • Opportunity to attend other supported events, with expenses paid by Reset.
  • Opportunity to receive an annual honorarium.


What Reset expects of NIC members

  • Represent yourself as a proud and integral part of Reset as a member of Reset’s “Network Investment Council” or “Council”;
  • Submit six (6) or more application reviews within your term as a member;
  • Elevate Reset within your existing communities and help interconnect others when possible;
  • Provide us with your high/low strategic/tactical feedback whenever you have it on any and all topics affecting Reset, good or bad, whenever they come to you;
  • Abide by our Non-Disclosure Policy and Conflict of Interest Policy for reviewers, as well as our Code of Conduct;
  • Non-required (but hoped for!):
    • Attend (on us) any hosted council meetups we support; and,
    • Consider requests to aid Reset partner organisations.

What NIC members can expect from Reset

  • That we will maintain this online Handbook/Onboarding document for your reference;
  • That we will offer to conduct personal training sessions with anyone who requests it on key considerations and how to review applications;
  • That we will only send a batch of proposals for review as described in this Guide and consult you if we need to change;
  • That every now and again, in urgent situations, we may send a proposal or two in between periods for your review;
  • That we will set deadlines of no less than two weeks to review proposals (and send you plenty of reminders!);
  • That we will ensure the application system makes it very clear which proposals need to be reviewed (those with less than 2 NIC member reviews);
  • That we will ensure all active NIC members have full access to every proposal we have ever asked to be NIC-reviewed (that is every effort we have ever supported, as well as the ones we said no to) along with the formal determination messages sent to applicants;
  • That we will send an email briefing every two months containing: (a) new efforts we have approved and why; (b) which efforts have concluded and key outcomes; (c) new, probably not-yet-public efforts/ideas upcoming we would like you to know about and get your thoughts on; (d) some of the most important news we have seen; and (e) where Reset team members will be in the next couple months for you to meet with;
  • That we will send an invitation every four months to help craft the agenda for and participate in an online video session to dig into Reset topics high and low;
  • That we will send an annual invitation to attend (on us) Reset-supported events; and
  • That we will come find you whenever we find ourselves in shared spaces throughout the year!
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