Nominations & terms

How to nominate NIC members and how long such members serve.


New NIC member nominations are formally presented by the Reset team to existing NIC members for feedback. At any time, the Reset team, existing NIC members, and the members of the general project can send suggestions to Reset for consideration by emailing known team members or [email protected]. As needed, Reset may also put forth a formal and public call for suggested nominees. Self-nominations are allowed and, indeed, encouraged. Reset's team maintains a list of suggestions and will bring finalist (as needed) to the NIC for feedback prior to a final determination by Reset.

Criteria for consideration

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NIC members serve as active reviewers for 1-year terms, with the ability to be renewed for additional years at the discretion of Reset and the NIC member. During this time, we hope NIC members will be active in reviews and attend NIC Calls. We also hope that - global conditions permitting - you are able to join us for a Reset annual gathering when it is safe to do so. Funding the travel of NIC members to that event is one of the ways we try to say thank you.

Transition to Emeritus member

If an NIC member no longer wishes to participate on a regular basis, they will become an Emeritus member. In making such a transition, the NIC member can either notify either a Reset team member, the entire team ([email protected]), or wait for the annual review of activity by Reset, where all NIC members will be given the opportunity to transition. It is our hope that formerly active Emeritus members will continue to be boosters and informal advisors to Reset even though they will no longer be obligated to perform regular proposal reviews. Notably, Emeritus members can choose to remain on the Rst-Council and Rst-NIC mailing list and selectively review proposals of particular interest.