Reviewer Overview

In this section of the Guide we provide reviewers (and interested applicants) with the tools and criteria necessary to evaluate applications and ensure all applicants receive a comparable review.


This section of the Guide provides reviewers (i.e., members of Reset's Network Investment Council) with the information they need to review Open Call applications and understand the critical role they play for Reset. In addition to reading the pages that follow, reviewers should also be sure to check out the Reset Overview section of the Guide, which provides key insight into why we hold Open Calls and what we hope they will accomplish.
Consistent with our Principles & values (specifically our commitment to act transparently and openly share all possible aspects of our work), we have compiled this information in a public manner. In doing so, it is our hope that this section of the Guide will not only serve as a resource for reviewers, but also be useful for applicants and members of the general public. By enabling applicants to view the criteria that reviewers will use when evaluating applications, we believe applicants will be able to strengthen and submit even more competitive applications.
Covered topics in this section include:
Note: This section will continue to grow to provide reviewers with access to the tools and criteria they need to evaluate Open Call applications. We recognise this document could be improved and encourage you to leave comments that will help us do so. We welcome your feedback.