Reviewer FAQ

In this periodically updated section of the Guide we address the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) posed by reviewers.

How do I log in for the first time?

An account tied to your email address has already be created for you, but a password has not yet been set. To set a password, simply input your email at and follow the instructions sent to your inbox. At that point, you should be able login at and begin reviewing applications.

What if I don’t feel as though I have the necessary expertise (or feel comfortable) to review a specific application?

That’s OK, you’re not alone. Everyday the Reset team reviews applications that any one of us alone does not have much knowledge about. In those cases, there are usually non-technical - but equally important - factors you may be able to weigh in on.
For example: Do the output costs seem reasonable? Is the timeframe appropriate? Do the listed organisations and individuals seem capable of completing the proposed work? Does it seem like the applicants are, or will be, collaborating with others? Do the applicants point to existing efforts or complementary projects?
Or, from a more general perspective: Does the narrative tie nicely to the objects and work sections? Is the overall proposal well written?
Note: You may also have thoughts regarding the non-technical aspects of the application, such as the socio-political or other implications of the project. Please include these important observations, even if the form fields don’t appear to specifically allow for them. If this occurs, please let us know how we can change the review forms to be more inclusive.