Reviewing Applications

In this section of the Guide we address the basic building block information that is relevant for all reviewers as they prepare to review Open Call applications.
Reviewing applications in an open and fair manner is essential to the success of Reset's Open Calls. Our unique approach gives us the ability to make a wide range of non-profit and for-profit investments in the organisations and people working on projects that align with our Goals & objectives. Each awarded project will operate in one or more of the Areas of work that we support and further support and reinforce our Principles & values by addressing either the perils posed by Our vision's most pressing threat (surveillance capitalism) or one of the Other harms, challenges, & obstacles outlined in this Guide. But - critically - none of this work can occur until reviewers perform their essential role.
That's why we want to make the review process as clear and consistent as possible. It is our hope that the information in this section of the Guide helps orient reviewers by providing not only an overview of the Application system, but also the General application considerations for reviewers to keep in mind during the review process. The text of the Evaluation worksheet that our team and NIC members use to evaluate Open Call applications is also provided.