Reset Overview

In this section of the Guide we describe how we at Reset see the world, why we're holding Open Calls (and what we hope they will accomplish), and our collective commitment to applicants and partners.


Before diving into our vision for the future (and how we hope our Open Calls help get us there), we first note three unique aspects of Reset that we believe will ultimately be essential to our long-term success.

A platform for open exchange

Through our website and Open Calls, Reset maintains a platform for open exchange that can be utilised by practitioners in the technology-centered field who are working to dismantle surveillance capitalism. In this manner, our Open Calls help facilitate and coordinate the transfer and redistribution of knowledge and resources.

Knowledge sharing

One of the key aspects of Reset is our desire to create an interconnected network of individuals and organisations working together to achieve common goals. To this end, Our Open Calls allow us to be a node within a larger network, providing Reset with a holistic vantage point and unique ability to curate what is most important to accomplishing our goals. In response, those in the network and broader community rely on us to maximise this curated technology-centric view of surveillance capitalism’s emergent properties and patterns, ecosystems, and networks. Because our unique status comes directly from the trust of those in the network who have chosen to share their work with us, we believe we have a responsibility to redistribute this knowledge back out into the field.

Strategy as an iterative design process

Reset's organisation-wide strategy is an evolving and iterative process, in which Open Calls and the knowledge gained from reviewing applications is a significant catalyst of change. The two-month cycle of our decision process provides us with a fixed and recurring opportunity to incorporate information from participant feedback, new applications, and current partners. This knowledge creates a forcing function to refactor our Open Call and organisation-wide strategy every two months (coinciding with the previous round of processed applications). In this way we change together - for the better.