Goals & objectives

Our open calls support individuals, organizations, and communities addressing the harms surveillance capitalism has on human rights, democracy, and open societies.


To accomplish our above stated aim, our open calls support technology-focused interventions with clear human-centered benefits for those negatively affected by surveillance capitalism. Everything we support or do ourselves first advances this and then fits within one or more of our goals, objectives, and the type of work we focus on. Starting with our goals, we strive to support efforts that:

  • Improve the integrity of democracy in our digital age: by intervening directly with governments, press, and other institutions responsible for the trust and health of current democracies;

  • Enhance digital protections available to individuals: by giving them the power to thwart surveillance capitalism’s ability to pervade;

  • Raise awareness on the state of surveillance capitalism: by illuminating threats and opportunities; and,

  • Stimulate the growth of virtuous alternatives: by exploring better policy creation and money making models.


To accomplish our goals, with our open calls we continually work to:

  • Distribute more resources: Increase what is available and ensure it's redistributed to as many aligned partners as possible;

  • Evolve the platform: Better facilitate the exchange of knowledge, funds, and other resources by improving and expanding our open call offerings;

  • Maintain awareness: Create and make available open opportunities for learning and sharing back;

  • Fortify the field: Further enable the ecosystem of people, institutions, organizations, projects, and communities to respond and persist;

  • Grow the network: Ensure there are clear protocols to follow for healthy expansion and agency at the edges for new connections; and,

  • Protect the network: Maintain a productive, enriching, and safe network of good-standing people and organizations who are our partners.

Types of work

To accomplish our objectives and goals, Reset conducts and supports activities within the following types of work:

  • Policy & Advocacy: Progressing the development and advancement of global public policy agendas that set fair rules and standards for Big Tech companies, ensuring they better serve democracy;

  • Research: Furthering the study of how technology is harming democracy, how this can be reversed by creating better technology, and how to design effective legal and regulatory systems;

  • Technology: Advancing the design and implement both existing and new tools that support in-depth research, activist engagement, and educational insights into surveillance commerce and digital threats to democracy, and viable virtuous alternatives to the dominant exploitative platforms; and,

  • Civic engagement: Educating the public about the problems caused by digital threats to democracy and the subversion of the internet.